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As you may already know from news reports, we at Red Cedar Antiques were delivered a severe blow when a fire destroyed or damaged the majority of our antique mall in the early morning hours of May 12, 2022.  Luckily, none of our vendors or patrons were onsite at the time and nobody was harmed.  We would like to thank the firefighters who fought to save whatever they could of the building.  At this time we have no updates on whether the mall will be rebuilt or relocated.  We appreciate the outpouring of support and concern that we have received and we ask you to stay tuned as we provide updates via this website and by email regarding our plans.

Welcome to!  Red Cedar Antiques has over 40 rooms with a wide range of antiques and collectibles at reasonable prices.  Our website is designed to give you a small taste of what you might find if you visit our location.  Please feel free to contact us with questions or suggestions using our Contact Us page.

Please visit our Upcoming Events page for information regarding sales or shows that Red Cedar may be having.

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